Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 7th March 2019 Written Updates: Amma Ji Cancels Family Day

In the earlier episode of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, we have seen that Kulfi and Amyra plans a drama and asks Sikander and Loveleen to do that and win this show otherwise Amyra will get sad. Amyra and Kulfi prepare for the Christmas carnival and then Loveleen and Sikander shares the romantic moments and Loveleen holds the hands of Sikander. Her lawyer comes. Loveleen goes with her lawyer. Apoorv asks what are you doing Loveleen and if you want the divorce from that man or not. Loveleen asks him not to say bad words about him as he is her husband.

In Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 4th January 2019 written updates we will see that Loveleen and Sikander fight but will stop because of Amyra. Before going on the stage to perform the play, Loveleen gets nervous and Sikander gives her chocolate. Loveleen becomes shocked to see the chocolate. Sikander also becomes so nervous and Loveleen gives him hot water. They both look at each other. On the other had Taiji is so tensed after knowing that Amyra and Kulfi are together now and are trying to bring Sikander and Lovely together. She says I will not let this happen.

Sikander starts the play and they both start saying their dialogues. Then the Sikander asks Loveleen not to go in the play and their real conversation takes place. Sikander asks why you left me and we are a family. Loveleen says you let me go. Sikander says I do not want you to go and I cannot stay without you. Loveleen asks if there is the happy ending of our love story. Sikander says no and everyone remains in shock. Sikander says our love story does not have any end and we will stay like forever. Loveleen gets emotional and hugs him. For more updates of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Written episodes, stay tuned with us.


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