Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 3rd December 2018 Written Episode Updates: 'Am I Kulfi's Father?' Tevar Asks
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Kulfi Kumar Bajewala is generating so much buzz as the Star Plus‘ one of the most loving TV show is currently at a very interesting stage. The TV show is the perefect treat for all the drama lovers as its a perfect blend of love, hatred and drama. This is high-voltage drama going on in the show which you just can’t miss. But in case if you missed it, here were are with a complete written episode, just have a look.

In Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 30th November 2018 episode, Tevar is going to do a big sacrifice that will win everyone’s heart. Tevar’s sacrifice will bring Sikandar and Kulfi closer. There is so much happening in the TV show. As we all that Loveleen has been exposed in front of Sikandar. Sikandar is now aware of the fact that his evil wife Loveleen and Tony are the reason behind Tevar’s problem. He decided to be a saviour of Tevar, he gives an open challenge to Tony and Loveleen that he will make Tevar free from their trap.

We have seen that Sikandar brings Kulfi and Tevar in his house. While Sikandar is helping Tevar, Tevar comes up with a misunderstanding that Sikandar is behind his problems that makes him extremely angry on Sikandar. On the other hand, Kulfi has a complete faith on Sikandar and she knows that Sikandar cannot do anything wrong with them. She also tells Tevar that Sikandar is her father which leaves Tevar in shock as he realize Kulfi is not his daughter and Sikandar is her father.

Tevar feels the pain and insecurity that Kulfi can now leave him anytime as she now knows the the truth that she is a daughter of Sikandar. But Tevar being a good guy decided not to create any differences between Kulfi and her real father Sikandar. Tevar decided to bring the father-daughter duo closer. Tevar’s this big sacrifice in Star Plus show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala wins everyone’s heart. It would be very interesting to see how Tevar bring Kulfi and Sikandar closer. Will Sikandar know the truth that he is the real father of Kulfi? Stay tuned with us for latest information about your favourite TV show and written updates.


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