Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 22 February 2019 Written Updates: Kulfi gets in a major problem
Image Source: Hotstar

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala latest episode we will see that Gunjan asks Bebe to bring Nimmi in this house and Sikander should marry her. Sikander is so tensed and says what she should do. Gunjan says that Nimrat is perfect for Sikander. Loveleen comes there and becomes so angry that they are making plans that Sikander should marry. Loveleen becomes so angry and asks her to bring Sikander. Kulfi says that he has come from the hospital and he will become iller if you will shout. Sikander comes there and calls a counselor, he says that this relation has come to an end. Loveleen becomes so upset and depressed. Sikander says I cannot continue with you and this is over now.

In Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 30th January 2019 written updates, we see that Sikander calmly says that he will choose Kulfi for all his life. Kulfi cries. Sikander says this is the end of our relationship and now you can go. Everyone is shocked. Sikander talks to Amyra and says I gave you this tiara on your birthday and it broke, then i reassembled this but if it will break in thousand pieces then I will not be able to reassemble this. He says that in the same way we cannot continue together and I have to give divorce to your mom. Amyra becomes so angry and cries.  Amyra says that I am not stupid and because of Kulfi I have lost everything.

Kulfi cries. Amyra says I hate you Kulfi and I am not stupid as you chose Kulfi over me and I am going. Sikander is so tensed and after 15 days he gets a letter in his room. Sikander gets the letter from Kulfi and Kulfi asks him to open the door but he does not. Kulfi then starts singing and he comes out. Everybody was waiting outside. Kulfi kiss his forehead and says that he is angry from her and that is why he did not talk to her. Sikander says I was thinking that I am responsible for my sake and I have done all this.


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