Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 7th February 2019 Written Updates: Kulfi Knows Loveleen's Evil Plan
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In the last episode of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala we saw that Sikander is struggling in the hospital for his life and then Kulfi sees her and cries. She thinks that she cannot let this happen and she loves Sikander as he is her father. Kulfi thinks that she has to be with her father. Sikander breathes heavily and takes the name of Kulfi. The doctor thinks why the Sikander is not showing any improvement. Kulfi says she wants to go in. Kulfi thinks she has to do something and she goes into the operation theatre. Kulfi goes by side of Sikander and touches his feet. Sikander comes in senses and looks. He calls her name and goes out of senses.

In Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 29th January 2019 written updates we see that the Nimrat cries and says that SSG is so important for her and she wanted to marry her. The doctor says that Sikander does not have much time. Kuli becomes so sad and cries. She says that Sikander is her father and she will not live alone. Kulfi also becomes out of senses. The doctor checks her. Sikander’s mother becomes so tensed and Kulfi also lies on the bed. Kulfi goes somewhere in her sleep and she finds Sikander there and he was singing. Kulfi tries to find him.

Kulfi also sings and Sikander approaches her. Sikander and Kulfi meet. Kulfi says that she wants him to come to the real world. Sikander says that he has broken many promises. Kulfi says that my mother has left me and now my father also wants me to leave. Sikander becomes shocked and feels so terrible. Sikander remembers that how he used to live with Nimrat. He becomes so happy and kisses her. Sikander becomes so happy and asks why she has not told him about this. Kulfi says she has promised someone that she will not tell him till she is alive. We will see if they both will die together. For more updates of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Written episode, stay tuned with us


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