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In the last episode of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala which comes on Star Plus. Kulfi walks with Tevar. Tevar was so upset and Kulfi asks Tevar to call Sikander as he will always help us. Sikander was also searching for them and he goes out in the car. Kulfi cries. Tevar says we should try ourselves to tackle this situation.

In Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 23rd November 2018 episode, Sikander also cries and talks to his big brother and asks where he should find both of them. He goes there and asks where is Tevar. He gets to know that he sings in a club for his living.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 23rd November 2018 Episode Written Updates: Kulfi Takes Amyra's Help
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Kulfi Kumar Bajewala is becoming so popular because of its good story and no excessive drama. It connects to the audience well. Dadi shouts on Lovely and asks why she has done this. Lovely says she does not care and she is only concerned for her daughter Amyra. She also asks her mother in law to go to a temple and just do what she always does. Sikander reaches the bar where Tevar used to work. Police come and takes the bar manager as the bar is closed. Sikander asks where is Tevar. The manager says I will kill Tevar. Tevar and Kulfi reach a bar and then he sees this bar is closed.

He becomes so upset as the bar is closed and how he will earn money. Kulfi says I do not want you to work in this dirty bar. Kulfi cries and says everything will be fine. Tevar says how we are going to survive without money. Kulfi says I was not having money, car, and house before and I was happy then also. Tevar says how you are so sensible and understanding. Kulfi hugs Tevar and thinks I will not leave you after knowing that you are not my real father. Tevar says let us go to the nearby lodge.

Dadi prays and asks God to bring Kulfi. She asks God to make Sikander meet Kulfi as she is his own daughter. Sikander cries and remembers how beautiful moments were those when he was with Kulfi and Tevar. He becomes so upset and prays.

Kulfi listens to the voice of Sikander and thinks she is dreaming. Kulfi goes out and sees on TV that Sikander has launched new song. Tevar listens to that and becomes angry as he has written that. Kulfi asks why you are becoming angry, Tevar tells her that he wrote that song and Sikander is using that in his name.



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