Kulfi Gets Happy To Have 2 Fathers: Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Written Updates 7th December 2018
Image Source: Hari Bhoomi

In the latest episode of Star Plus’ hit show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, Kulfi wants to take a help of Amyra as she has to cover a syllabus of three months in just three days. But Amyra has a other plan for Kulfi as she and her mother Loveleen have planned a bad conspiracy for little Kulfi. Instead of helping Kulfi in her homework, she goes for the evil strategy to trouble Kulfi.

Star Plus’ show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala is currently running with the high-voltage drama and the show is getting interesting day by day. Kulfi was very happy to join a new school but now it has become a headache for her as she has to complete a course of three months in just three days. As we have seen in the show, little Kulfi is trying hard to catch up with her new school. Kulfi is currently taking a help of Sikandar to keep up with her school tasks.

On the other hand, Amyra, who is brainwashed against Kulfi by her evil mother Loveleen, gets jealous to see that her father is helping Kulfi, the girl she hates the most. Amyra doesn’t like Sinkandar to help Kulfi, she also gets jealous to see that Sikandar is spending more time Kulfi. It seems like Sikandar is slowly taking a place of Tevar in Kulfi’s life after Tevar gets busy in his projects.

In Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 22nd November 2018 episode, Kulfi wants helps in her homework but there is no in the house. So she has no choice than taking help of Amyra. So, Kulfi the goes to Amyra and asks for help, but Amyra, who used to hate Kulfi, decides to trouble her first. Will Amyra genuinely help Kulfi? How Kulfi will manage to complete her school task on time?


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