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In the last episode of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, we have watched that Pakhi and Bhola are enjoying playing the game and singing, while Nandini is thinking and in flashback, she recollecting all the memories of Sikander. Now, Bhola and Pakhi are playing football and Pakhi watched that his landlord is standing she afraid because whenever he asked for her rent her mother Nandini cries because of she not able to pay the rent. Bhola and other children played a prank with the landlord and he annoyed.

Kulfi there is searching for Sikander, she is also exhausted because he failing in finding Sikander. While she is praying to god get a hint that there is connectivity between Sikander and Bhola. The landlord there reached Nandini’s house and scolds her badly because of Bhola and Pakhi. Nandini apologizes to the landlord on the behalf of Bhola and Pakhi, the landlord’s taunted Nandini, it seems that her intentions are not right for Nandini. Nandini there is worried a lot because she has not proper food to feed Bhola and Pakhi, but somehow she arranged food for everyone and has not eaten anything.

Image Source: Hotstar

Amyra there overjoys because Sikander is loving and caring her more and avoiding Kulfi but Loveleen is little worried because of Sikander’s behavior. Kulfi comes home and Sikander threatens Kulfi that why she comes so late. He again threatens Kulfi to sing, Kulfi is not finding her behavior good as he compelling her to sing. Kulfi started singing song and Sikander interrupting Kulfi each time and said sing best. it seems that her intentions are not right, Kulfi throat is paining he requests him to stop but Sikander compels her again to sing. Sikander is torturing Kulfi completely. In the next episode of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, we will watch that Kulfi comes into dreams of Bhola and he awakes.


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