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Bhola is doing stunts on cycle to entertain children, all the children are laughing expect one little girl Pakhi and all children with Bhola make fun of her. Pakhi is upset from Bhola and refused to give a kiss to Bhola, later Bhola sing song and tries to convince Pakhi. Nandini is watching all the children is playing with Bhola who is Sikander in real as Nandini has got Sikander from the accident spot and recollecting the moment when she operated Sikander. Sikander came into senses and the doctor founds that Sikander lost his memory and thinking himself as a small child as he is suffering from regression.

Again in flashback Nandini memorizing when she took Sikander home and when her friends suggested to her that it is not right to take stranger at home. But Nandini said he is all right and he will not harm her daughter. Pakhi met first time to Sikander as Bhola and asked is he is the father of her and Sikander said yes because Sikander watched a glimpse of Kulfi calling Sikander Papa. Pakhi hugged Sikander and she overjoyed that her father came back as she has not to know anything she asked Nandini and she agreed that Sikander is her father.

Image Source: Hotstar

All the flashbacks are going in the head of Nandini how Sikander come close to her family and she is also regretting that she lies to her daughter about her father. In the next episode, we will watch that Kulfi is finding relevance between Bhola and Sikander as she is having doubt about Bhola. She is praying to god to help her and find a way for her. Later she is watching something and something strikes in her mind by which she cheers up. Stay tuned with us for more information and latest updates related to Kulfi Kumar Bajewala


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