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In the previous episode, we have watched that Akshay took his name back from the contest and give Benam Gang a chance to perform in Final. In the latest episode, Benam gang practicing for the finale. All suddenly noticed that Chittu is not there and suddenly he joined them, everyone, make him understand how the finale is important for them.

Amyra there is going conscious because she is getting afraid of losing to Kulfi. Sikander makes her believe that you can win in every phase of her life. Sikander is also is happy and sad because of his both daughter is performing in the grand finale but both of them competing against each other. He wants to fulfill his desire that both of his daughters in his lap and both will happy.

Image Source: Hotstar

The show started and anchor made the announcement for the finale, the judges of the show including Udit Narayan and Usha Uthup, first Udit Narayan spell caste of his voice on the floor all the kids bow down to him in giving respect. Lovely noticed that Ammaji of Juvenile Rehab Centre came to the grand finale. She is coming to let back all the children to Juvenile center.

The final competition started and the first performer selected by the Toss as Amyra choose the head she has to sing first in the competition. All the Benaam Gang shocked because of Amyra stole the song of Benaam Gang, Amyra plagiarized entire song of Benaam Gang. All of them are very worried because they don’t have any song to perform on stage. Later Benaam Gand rectified that Chittu team up with Amyra and betrayed with their team. Chittu revealed the reason why he betrayed his team, we will see that in the next episode along with anchor will be making announcements for Benaam Group but nobody comes on stage. Will Benaam Group overcome this problem or they will go back to Juvenile center, we will see in the next episode.



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