Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 12th March 2019 Written Updates: Sikandar Asks Loveleen About Kulfi

In the earlier episode of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, we see that Kulfi and Amyra wants to bring Loveleen and Sikander together. Sikander and Loveleen come to the terrace and then they share the good moments and laughs. Loveleen’s lawyer comes and becomes angry after seeing her with Sikander. Kulfi and Amyra become so happy and hug each other. Sikander’s brother comes and tells him that Apoorv has come. Loveleen leaves the hand of Sikander and goes. We are seeing that everything is dependant on the divorce of Sikander and Loveleen. Apoorv asks why you went there and this is the worst decision you took.

In Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 03 January 2019 written updates we will see that Apoorv scolds Loveleen and she says I will go in the play at any cost. Her father becomes angry and asks her not to go. But Loveleen says I am going. She goes and Sikander takes her with him. Taiji sees them and becomes angry. Amyra and Kulfi comes and asks Santa to fulfill their wish. They tell that they are best friends and they want that their mom and dad should not take divorce. We will get to know that Santa was Taiji and she gets to know about the plan of Amyra and Kulfi.

She thinks that she will let this divorce happen. Loveleen and Sikander talks. Sikander asks what was he saying. Loveleen asks what you will do. Loveleen asks what you want. Sikander says I want to help you. Loveleen says you were not there when we needed you and now you are concerned about us. Amyra asks them to be ready as the time is not left now. Loveleen listens to taunts from the people and Sikander becomes angry. He suddenly hugs Mr Chaudhary and says this is all because of you as you are so good at the stage. For more updates of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala written episode, stay tuned with us.


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