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In the last episode of Krishna Chali London, we have watched that the DNA reports of Radhey matched 85 per cent and this behalf Veer set free from jail. Veer went to meet Krishna and said he is with Krishna in every situation life. Now, Krishna says to Veer that overjoys that you are free now, Veer denied that he is not enjoying because he knew that that person is not Radhey and he will reveal his real identity in front of all. However, Krishna says that it is her personal matter and she will handle it alone.

Krishna reached Shukla’s house and see that there is a celebration going on in the house. Shuklain there is showing off there as her son has come back. The psychiatrist says to Krishna that this is ridiculous, that was not supposed to happen, it will be dangerous after Krishna go to stop the celebration. The psychiatrist explains everything that why Radhey needs a psychiatrist. Everyone is dancing around Radhey, and he feels it annoying so much he shouted on everyone to leave him alone. Psychiatrist picks that moment as an example and said it all could disturb him as his mind is not stable.

Image Source: Hotstar

Krishna and the doctor made everyone understand, and they all move to Radhey’s room where Radhey is going to smoke, the entire Shukla family get shocked because Radhey did not smoke. Bela tries to extend the matter and tries to prove that he is not Radhey. Shuklain tries to stop Bela but she is not ready to listen to a single word of Shuklain and Shuklain slaps Bela because she was not getting silent. Radhey apologizes for his mistake but the doctor says it is ok, Radhey says again sorry to Krishna for his mistake. Krishna said that she will meet him tomorrow now the doctor will with you.

Lalliya said to Krishna that only her love could make Radhey completely well, Krishna is in a dilemma about what she will do and she recollecting all the memories after she met new Radhey. Krishna is explaining everything to Lalliya that she does not feel good whenever Radhey touches her but in the place of Lalliya Veer replied to Krishna. Krishna moves and sees that Veer is there and not Lalliya, Veer again says to Krishna that he is not real Radhey and says he is with Krishna always. Radhey is listening to the conversation of Krishna and Veer, and he is not looking happy with that. In the next episode of Krishna Chali London, we will see that Veer started his investigation for reveling Radhey’s identity.


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