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In the last episode of Krishna Chali London, we have watched that Veer tries to expose Radhe and tells everyone that he is an imposter but failed. Radhe met with an accident by car after shifted to Hospital where the doctor said he is out of danger. Now, Veer comes with the police inspector to identify Radhe, Krishna asked to stop as it is not the right time. Veer replied that he doesn’t care about anything. Gajanan comes in between Krishna and Veer and said if he tried again to do something it will not right for Veer.

Police inspector interrupts him and stops him to threaten Veer, later police take a prisoner who is Radhe(Mohan’s) gang member who caught while robbing. He also neglects to identify Radhe as Mohan and Veer failed again, Veer forces him to identify him again but police stop him as their investigation has completed. Gajanan again giving warning to Veer and Radhe come into senses and calling Krishna. Radhe asked Shuklain and Shukla that what are they doing in London, he also said to Veer that he is not satisfied even after hit him by car.

Image Source: Hotstar

Veer interrupts and tells him to shut up imposter, Krishna says to Radhe that he is in India, Radhe says that he has not any idea how he comes to India. Radhe recollecting and telling the day when Radhe hit by Veer’s car and Veer ran away. He tells how he survives in London, then Shuklain tells Radhe what all happened between these 5 years. Veer again says that Radhe is fooling everyone while Radhe is finding his not like before. Gajanan again thrashes Veer but Radhe says he will talk to Veer. Radhe is talking to Veer but Veer grabs the collar of Radhe and Gajanan beats Veer.

Radhe says to Krishna that he get his memory back why she is not happy, Krishna replied that she needs some time to co-operate with all this. Shukla family is enjoying that her son has come back where Krishna is very confused all about what is happening. In between Krishna gets a call from Dr. Subhash psychiatrist he said to Krishna that he finds it weird that Radhe gets his memory back, he said to Krishna to bring Radhe for his sessions after he will tell what is going on. Veer comes back again to Krishna and said that you are also not going to believe on Radhe, but Krishna says to him that his all proof was failed already she thinks that what if he is real Radhe. In the next episode of Krishna Chali London, we will watch that she was back to India with Radhe’s dead body how can you come after 5 years.


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