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As we all have watched Shukla family going to temple and all are coming downstairs and in between Krishna faints because of Sunstroke as she is thinking about what Veer said to her. Laliya said they should have food before leaving for the platform. Later it gets to know Krishna is making fool because she wanted to stay long here as Veer said to her. After a moment when all Shukla family about leave Veer comes there with a girl who calls Radhe Mohan Bhaiya. Veer said the Radhe is an imposter of Radhe and doing fraud with Shukla family.

Radhe is not saying anything and Shukla said to Veer that he knew something is going on and scolded Veer badly. Complete Shukla family did not believe Veer and taunted Krishna that she is with Veer and doing all the Planning to expose Radhe. Later Krishna asked little girl come along with Veer, she said that Radhe is her elder brother Mohan, but Radhe denied. Shuklain said that she is not believing Veer. Suddenly little girl’s aunt comes with the village people to caught Veer.

Image Source: Hotstar

Later Veer asked all Village people to identify Radhey but village people sais that they do not know him. Shukalin and Shukla there continuously taunting Krishna. Shyam is making a video in his mobile of the entire scene. Little girl’s aunt accused Veer of Kidnapping her but that little girl said that Veer did not do anything wrong. The village people taking Veer forcefully to their village to punish her. Shyam person is an informer of Veer’s sister. People are beating Veer with sticks Krishna comes in between to save Veer, a woman is going to beat Krishna and Radhe run to save her but he had an accident with a car exactly like before.

He shifted to hospital where the doctor said he is out of danger., and Veer there not ready to go anywhere. Shyam requested Veer to leave but he neglected. Krishna discussing with the doctor about Radhe’s health and watched that Veer is coming with Police. In the next episode, we will watch that Radhe come into senses but he is thinking that he is in London because of his head injury he forgets the current situation.


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