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In the last episode of Krishna Chali London, we have watched that after Radhey gets asleep, Krishna is going to leave for his house, suddenly Radhe wakes up and tries to insist to stop her but Krishna denied. Now, Krishna leave for her house and Radhey run toward the terrace, he is watching Krishna is going. Radhey jumps on the car of Krishna exactly as Radhey did. Shuklain again insults Krishna and said her get out. Krishna stops her to talk nonsense and said that she is a doctor and as a doctor, she has to treat Radhey. Shuklain understands the words of Krishna and requests Krishna to save Radhey.

Gajodhar said that Radhey also did it before while stopping Krishna. Lalliya also believes with this incident that Radhey is back. Shukalin said to Gajodhar that go and make your father believe about Radhey. Gajodhar says after DNA test all the things will clear as he is completely sure that Radhey is back. Radhey gets treatment from the doctor. Shuklain said to Krishna that everything is the same as before the same room and also your husband does not you feeling something. Krishna said that the Shukla family did not accept her wholeheartedly, she said that she only spent some time here with good and bad memories. She thanks God for good memories by that she started her new life. She said that let’s not made this night more complicated.

Image Source: Hotstar

Shuklain said that you are talking in the language of Science and strict on your decision and doing a DNA test of Radhey to clarifying all the things, she added what if the test will in the favor of Radhey what will happen after that? Shuklain continues and says will not sleep and sitting in the temple if she wants to talk to her she can come to her. Shukla seems to make a mysterious call on his phone.

Krishna is again collecting the memories of her and Radhey’s old days. Suddenly Radhey comes near to Krishna, but Krishna scolds him that what is he trying to do. Radhey said that the fragrance is nice of yours exactly like Radhey as he also told this same to Krishna.

Next Morning Shukla wished morning to Krishna and Krishna asked Shukla that what can she do for him. Shukla said that whenever the DNA report will come first inform him as Radhey is the first priority of his family. Lalliya offers food to Krishna and Lalliya said the everything is in her hand, and she said that happiness comes after six years in this house after Radhey died she does not want to lose it. In the next episode of Krishna Chali London, we will see that the DNA report has come and she is going to open that in front of Shukla, Gajodhar, and Triloki and she finds in the DNA test that he is real Radhey.


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