Khatron Ke Khiladi 9, 2nd March 2019 Written Updates

After giving pain in Spain, Kahtron Ke Khiladi is back with is another breath-taking season with a tagline Jigar Pe Trigger in the wild land of Argentina. Season 9 consists of your favourite celebrities Shamita Shetty, Aditya Narayan, Bharti Singh, Sree Santh, Vikas Gupta many of them got eliminated, and now the stunning show is back with one more episode come with some great and threatening stunts. The show started with a rat race in which all four contestants are busy with rat-race and one whose rat win the competition will get the ticket to the finale.

The show started Rohit Shetty appeared and described the stunts, Rohit said contestant have to do a headstand outside the building and have to touch the flag and one who takes more time will eliminate. Rohit set the pair of Puneet and Aditya and Shamita and Ali. Both Puneet and Aditya described their feelings before the stunts. Both started the stunts it was a dangerous stunt as it has to performed on the top of a tall building in 1-degree Celsius. Puneet missed his grip and slip, but Aditya completes his stunt in the first attempt.


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Next Shamita and Ali go for the stunt, and both shared their feelings about the stunts and strategies Shamita find difficult to hold her grip and Ali’s shoes are very sliding he also failed to make his firm grip, stunt started both go after the flag, and in the end, Ali won but Shamita performed her stunt flawlessly. Ali finished the stunt in just 26 seconds Shamita and Aditya also approved for the ticket to Finale. Next stunts set on the stage and all the contestant came for stunts. Rohit asked Bharti about her injury and make fun of her catwalk after Rohit showed some funny questions to Bharti and placed the contestant according to them.


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The show continued, and Rohit described the stunt that contestant has to sit on a rotating chair and with a locked headbox and cockroaches, insects, frogs, and snakes filled in the box. While the contestants have hand and legs are closed, and they have five keys to open the lock after four rotation when the box filled up with all creepy things. Ali selected first for the stunts then Aditya and in last Shamita who take more time to finish the stunts will be disapproved for ticket finale. Ali found some difficulty in performing stunt because all of the head covered by the insects and other reptiles after all that Ali performed his stunts perfectly and opened both the locks.

After Aditya performed the stunt and completed his stunt, he takes a little time more. Shamita goes next. Shamita first neglect to perform the stunt but after all, cheered her up she ready to perform the stunt. After many difficulties, she completed her stunts in a few time. Shamita and Ali approved for the winning ticket, and Aditya eliminated from ticket to finale race.

The show reached in his final lap, and the last stunt showed by the Rohit, Shamita goes first fir for performing the stunt, and she completed her stunt very reasonably and completed her task courageously. After  Ali came after Shamita completed her stunt, he found difficulties in finding the alphabets he loose his patience while performing the stunt. He was very disappointed as he felt that it was an easy stunt for him. Shamita won the race of finale ticket as she performed the stunt earlier that Ali and became the first finalist directly perform in Finale. It was another daredevil show of Khatron Ke Khiladi season 9. Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates of television and written updates.


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