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Image Source: The Indian Express

Khatron Ke Khiladi is one of the most popular TV Shows, and it seems like it started days before, and now it has come to an end and contestants are looking forward to getting the ticket to the finale. In the previous episode, we see that Bharti, Puneet, and Riddhima were sitting and talking who will get the ticket and will reach the finale. Bharti says we need to bid to get the ticket to the finale. Puneet says fine I bid that I can stay with 100 snakes in a pool for 10 hours. Bharti says I can eat a cockroach. Aditya says you can keep the insects on me. Chhota Chhatri keeps Aditya in a box then.

In Khatron Ke Khiladi, 24th February 2019 episode, Rohit Shetty welcomes all the contestants to the stunt area. He says this ticket to the finale will be given to those contestants who will be limitless. Everyone gets excited. Rohit tells that this week no contestant will get nominated and one contestant will go to the finale directly. He starts explaining the task that there will be a car which will be drowned in the water. The contestant will be sitting on the driver seat, and the seat belt will have two locks.

Then contestants will have to come out by unlocking the locks. Bharti becomes scared and laughs. In the next task, Shamita becomes so frightened, and she says I cannot do this. She panics, and everybody asks her to try this once. She sits, and other insects are poured onto her face. She gets so scared and shouts out loud. Shamita, Ali, Riddhima and, Aditya competes to get the ticket to the finale. It has become more interesting to see who will the show as everybody has their favorite contestant. For more updates of Khatron Ke Khiladi written episodes, stay tuned with us.


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