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In the latest episode of Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 9, we see that many new things are happening. Rohit Shetty who is the host of the show calls two new members of the show. Other contestants become so surprised and ask who is coming now. Rohit says let’s call them. Aditya who was injured a few episodes back comes back. Ali who got eliminated also comes back, and everyone welcomes them back. Ali was so excited to go back to the show. Rohit asks how Aditya is. Aditya says I am perfectly fine. Rohit tells everybody that doctors have allowed him to come back and continue the show

In Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 9 17th February 2019 episode, we will see that Aditya is in form again and he starts to rap. He makes fun of Jasmine and says he does not know how she gets safe from every elimination. They share some funny moments. Rohit says this week they all will be performing as a team. Rohit also adds that he will be giving them their captains. He says that Bharti will be captain and another captain is Shamita. Rohit does toss, and Bharti wins, and she starts choosing her team. Puneet, Ali, Ridhhima comes in the same team, and another group is Shamita, Jasmine, Vikas, and Aditya.

The task was described as this task will be done bang on, and one contestant from each team will be fighting. They need to take out the flag from two platforms. Puneet and Aditya will be facing each other. Puneet says that he will try his best. Shamita says that Aditya is the strongest and he can beat Puneet. The task starts, and they both begin facing each other. Aditya and Puneet both perform well. After them, Jasmine and Ali go to perform the task, Jasmine took out four flags, and Ali got eight flags.

Rohit tells that team of Bharti has got 20 points, and the group of Shamita has lost this round. Then we see they all were doing. Next stunt was of water, and Bharti chooses Shamita to go with her and Vikas to go with Ridhhima. Ridhhima had this advantage that she knew how to swim, but Vikas did not know swimming, he becomes so nervous and says he has a fever and still he is doing this. For more updates of Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 9 written episode updates, stay tuned with us.



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