Kerala Win Win W-531 Lottery Result
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The most trending and heating lottery of South India i.e., Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala will be announced today at 4 PM at the official websites of Kerala lotteries. Kerala Win Win W-531 Lottery Results will be updated here soon. The centre of these Kerala State Lotto is located in Thurvanantpuram. Those who have bought the ticket can check the results here at the official website of Kerala Lottery or can also visit Gorky Bhawan near Bakery Junction. The event will take place at around 3 PM while the results will be out 4:30 PM. The winners are advised to match their ticket number with the result published in the Kerala Government Gazatte and should surrender the ticket within 30 days of the Lotto Disclosure.

One needs to pay a cost of Rs. 30 for a single ticket of the lottery while for a complete booklet it costs around Rs. 750. Being all other state lotteries, this Kerala lottery is one of the popular ones and that’s just because of it’s the high winning amount.

Kerala Lotto Department will be giving Rs. 65 lac as the first prize while Rs. 10 lac as the second price followed by Rs. 1 lac for the third one. Besides that some consolation prices are also there which are as follows:

First Prize Winner:

Amount: Rs. 65 lac
Winner: Updating…

Second Prize Winner:

Amount: Rs. 10 lac
Winner: Updating…

Third Prize Winner:

Amount: Rs. 1 lac
Winner: Updating…

Consolation Prize Winner:

Amount: Rs. 8,000
Winner: Updating…

Fourth Prize Winner:

Amount: Rs. 5,000
Winner: Updating…

Fifth Prize Winner:

Amount: Rs. 1,000
Winner: Updating…

Sixth Prize Winner:

Amount: Rs. 500
Winner: Updating…

Seventh Prize Winner:

Amount: Rs. 100
Winner: Updating…

We’re in continuous process of serving the exact winning numbers of Kerala Win-Win W-531 Today’s Lottery Result. People who won the lottery can claim their winning prices within 30 days of the draw and can collect the winning amount from any Lotto Centre but only if it’s up to Rs. 5,000 and beyond that a bank transfer would be processed by the lottery department.

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