Kerala Akshaya Lottery AK-386 Today Results 13-03-2019
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Kerala Win Win W-498 Lottery Results is going to be disclosed within a few hours, so all the best to all the aspirants who are having lottery tickets for W-499 might you take the fortune home today and your name will emerge in the wealthy person of your state. The result for today’s lottery will be announced by the Kerala government lottery department by 3 PM and you can check the complete result by 4 PM today. Kerala Lottery is completely safe to participate as the lottery is organized by the state government.

The completes results for Kerala Win Win W-499 Results will be out by 3 PM and you can check the complete result by 4 PM. You can check the result here at The News Recorder, we provide the only authentic result as soon as it comes out. Many people try their luck in the Kerala Lotteries to become instantly rich with minor effort and cost. A single lottery ticket is for only Rs. 30 and you can win a bumper prize of Rs. 70 Lakhs.

The Famous Win Win W-499 Lottery offers you a bumper prize of Rs. 70 Lakhs for the first prize winner, the consolation prize is decided of Rs. 8,000 by the lottery department. The second and third prize winner will receive prize money of Rs. 10 Lakhs and Rs. 1 Lakhs respectively. The third and fourth winner will be rewarded for prize Rs. 5,000/- and Rs. 2,000. The sixth, seventh, and eighth prize winner will get prize money of Rs. 1,000, Rs. 500, and Rs. 100.

Kerala Win Win W-499 Lottery Results, 11 February 2019:

Check out the list of Kerala Win Win W-499 Lottery 11 February with winning prize money below.

First Prize: Rs.7,000,000/-


Consolation Prize: Rs. 8,000/-


Second Prize: Rs. 1,000,000/-


Third Prize: Rs. 1,000,00/-


Fourth Prize: Rs. 5,000/-


Fifth Prize: Rs. 2,000/-


Sixth Prize: Rs. 1,000/-


Seventh Prize: Rs. 500/-


Eighth Prize: Rs. 100/-


Note: The result will be updated by 3 PM and you can check the complete result by 4 PM. Please refresh this website to check the updated results. 


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