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As we all know that Kerala is facing a lot of trouble by the nature attack of floods there. The whole country is depressed about the condition and ministers are up to bringing out every possible solution which could help to take out Kerala out of this danger.

The author of landmark report said that the disaster could be smaller if the Kerala state government had followed the environmental laws. The study was headed by the Madhav Gadgil who is the ecology expert told the media that half of the disaster is man-made and nature is taking revenge now.

Dr. Gadgil said “Yes, there is an intense rainfall event which has caused this. But I am quite convinced that the last several years’ developments in the state have materially compromised its ability to deal with events like this and greatly increased the magnitude of the suffering that we are seeing today. Had proper steps been taken, the scale of the disaster would have been nowhere near what it is today,”

The ban has been imposed on the industrial mining business which was done in the area and strict regulations are also imposed on the panchayats who passed the contracts and contributed to this major disaster. As in 2011 Gadgil and his team made some measures and rules in order to preserve the mother nature and the region of delicate Western Ghats region.

Gadgil report has been re-analyzed by the committee which is newly appointed by environment minister.

Gadgil said that we don’t have a good and law obeying government. “Unfortunately, our state governments are in the grip of, and in collusion with, vested interests that do not want any environmental laws to be implemented, and the local communities to be empowered. Our recommendations would have been accepted in any law-abiding society that believes in good governance. Unfortunately, we have a lawless society and extremely poor governance,”



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