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As we are listening in the news that Kerala is encountering a big trouble and that trouble is having and facing high rainfall from this August which has pushed the state towards dangerous floods conditions. Floods have been raised to such an extent that it has already caused a great damage to the people and the infrastructure. Government is saying that in the past 90 years they have not faced such a scale of the flood in their state. 114 people have been died till now.

1790 relief camps are settled to save people and in order to provide the necessities to continue their lives. According to the sources, 53,000 are moved till now towards the relief camps. In a report of National Disaster Management Authority, it is stated that 130 people died, this monsoon in Kerala from the date May 29 to July 19.

With this natural disaster, new problems have raised like the food and water availability for the safe consumption. Chief minister of Kerala Pinarayi Vijayran said that”As per the primary assessment, the state has incurred a loss of Rs 8,316 crore. Kerala is facing its worst flood in history after 1924. Ten out of 14 districts were badly affected. Twenty-seven dams in the state were opened due to water rise. Thirty-seven people died in just four days. There were mudslides and landslides in 211 different places across the state. Central forces, National Disaster Response Force and all the state forces are full time engaged in rescue mission at different districts”

To encounter this crises 27 dams are opened now across Kerala. Idduki dam is also open now and it is the biggest dam all over Kerala hence seeked attention of media and people. Water level is on the danger zone with 2,400 feet which is just less than the maximum capacity of 2403 feet.

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