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Kerala Akshaya AK 377 Lottery Results: 9th January 2019 can make some people really lucky as many people are eagerly waiting for today’s lottery results to come out. People have a keen interest in the lottery as it offers a golden opportunity to become rich instantly. Thousands of lottery tickets and sold and purchased daily. The cost of a single Akshaya Lottery ticket is only Rs 30. The results will be announced by the government at 3 PM and the complete results will be available from 4 PM. The results will be updated here at The News Recorder as soon as it comes out.

Akshaya Lottery offers huge prize money of Rs 60 lakh, while the consolation prize is Rs 8,000. The second and the third prize winners will receive Rs 5 lakh and Rs 1 lakh respectively. Kerala Lottery can change a life of winner as it offers whopping prize money.

Live Kerala Akshaya Lottery AK 377 Results, 9th January 2019:

Check out the list of Kerala Akshaya Lottery AK 377 Results along with a winning prize amount below. Match the serial numbers of your lottery tickets with the following results and check if you get lucky this time.

First Prize: Rs 6,000,000/-

Consolation Prize: Rs 8,000/

Second Prize: Rs 5,00,000/-

Third Prize: Rs 1,00,000/-

Fourth Prize: Rs 5,000/-

Fifth Prize: Rs 2,000/-

Sixth Prize: Rs 1,000/-

Seventh Prize: Rs 500/-

Eighth Prize: Rs 100/-

Note: Kerala Akshaya Lottery AK 377 results will be updated here at 3 PM and you can check the complete results from 4 PM. Refresh the site to check the updated results. 

Akshaya Lottery is conducted weekly every Wednesday. These weekly lotteries are conducted by the government of Kerala. Many people are not aware of the fact that Kerala Lottery is a major factor that contributes to the state revenue. It was started with the aim of providing people with a platform through which they can contribute to the state revenue. It also helps in improving the standard of living in Kerala.



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