Star Plus serial Kasautii Zindagii Ki Written Updates
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Today’s Star Plus TV Hindi Serial Kasautii Zindagii Ki begins with Nivedita yelling on Prerna saying how could his brother Anurag love a girl like you. She(Nivedita) tells her how she ruined all his dreams. Nivi wants to know the reason behind the mess that she created. But Prerna doesn’t tell her anything. She also tells how much her mother is in grief. The girl who doesn’t even care for her mother, how could she think for others? She calls Prerna an ominous, cold-hearted personality who betrayed both of the families.

Mohini calls Nivi and tells her that Anurag is missing. They all have checked everywhere in the house he is not there. Nivi says her mom to calm down. Prerna goes to Rapperswil (church in Zurich) and there she prays for Anurag and wishes for him to forget her forever, to hate her, to delete all the memories, to find another reason to move on in his life.

In Kasautii Zindagii Kay latest episodes Written Updates, Mohini calls Sharma House to ask for Anurag but they also don’t have any clue. She again curses Shivani that her sister Prerna will never be happy in her life. The way he shattered his son, she will suffer much more than that. She will also never get love and affection from anyone.

Rahil, Basu Publications Manager tells Nivi that he has filed a missing complaint about Anurag because it might be possible that he has committed suicide. Mr. Bajaj meets Prerna at Opera House and Prerna fired on him as she saw that decorated bed in her suite. Mr. Bajaj tries to explain to her that she’s just a deal for her but she didn’t let him speak anything and tells him, if there’s any right of someone on her body and soul then it’s only Anurag.

Final Words

Anurag arrives Zurich. Let’s see what will happen next! Stay tuned with us for Star Plus TV Hindi Serial Kasautii Zindagii Kay latest episodes Written Updates.


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