In the last episode of Kasautii Zindagii Kay, we have watched that Anurag gave warning to Vikrant to stay away from Prerna. Komolika and Prerna have a dance performance, Komolika mixed drugs into Vikrant’s drink. Now, Prerna felt a little tired after the dance performance and waiter took that opportunity and served that drink to Prerna. It seems that Komolika succeeded in her evil intentions. Vikrant came to Prerna and said he thinks that he should leave because Anurag is not getting like him. Prerna tries to make him understand that it is not valid, but Vikrant says that he knows he is thinking right.

Komolika there is busy in making her plan successful by bribing waiter again, and cleverly waiter spill water on Vikrant’s blazer Prerna take him to the washroom and Komolika all set to take advantage of it as it exactly happening that she planned. Moloy is watching all these happening, but he cannot do anything for saving Prerna. Komolika there is recording the footage of Prerna and Vikrant. Prerna and Vikrant both are unaware of all the things, Vikrant’s shirt is not going dry because of that pill waiter mixed that water which he spilt on his shirt.

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Prerna said that change your shirt with Anurag’s shirt, but she also getting feel uneasy as the drink is affecting her also. Prerna and Vikrant both are getting unconscious both feeling dizziness and can’t even able to walk. The entire Basu and Sahil’s family are overjoying the memories of the past. Komolika finds the exact moment that she wants and she shows Prerna and Vikrant’s footage to everyone in which Vikrant is shirtless and Prerna is near to him. Mohini is feeling extremely embracing because of that footage revealed in front of all the guests. Komolika is overjoying because of her plan works successfully.

Prerna comes into senses and downstairs the big drama is taking place as all the guests criticizing Prerna and Basu family. When the situation is getting worst, and Komolika finds the excellent opportunity to introduce herself as she is the bride of Basuvadi. Prerna comes downstairs without knowing what is going on and Komolika blamed on Prerna and in between Komolika and Prerna arguing Mohini slaps Prerna. In the next episode of Kasautii Zindagii Kay, we will see that Prerna and Komolika still arguing and Prerna defending her self.


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