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In the last episode of Kasauti Zindagii Kay, we have watched that Prerna is exposing all the misdeeds of Komolika and entire Basu family is watching that Komolika is accepting all her evil plans. Now Prerna makes Komolika accept that she is behind the accident of Moloy. Komolika is unaware that the complete Basu family is watching everything Mohini shouts on Komolika and lights on. Komolika pretends in front of Mohini and Nivedita that something is mixed in her drink. But no one believes her, Mohini slaps Komolika while she is defending herself.

Komolika threatens to all Basu family that she will sue them to court, Anurag says to Komolika to leave the house but she said that it is her house and no one can throw her out of this house. Komolika is going mad and try to hurt Prerna but Anurag slaps Komolika again and said if she ever touches Prerna again it will not right for her. Komolika threatens Basu family again, she picked up a knife and said if anyone tries to throw her out of the house she will kill herself. Komolika says that she did all that because she loves Anurag.

Image Source: Hotstar

Anurag says to Komolika you don’t even know what the love really is, you only know how to play evil games and how to hurt someone. Anurag continues and said marriage between him and Komolika was a deal that over today. Komolika grabs Prerna and put the knife on her neck. Anurag is started making a video clip of Komolika while she is threatening Prerna with the knife. Komolika threatens everyone that she will come back to take revenge with them and said she not forget today’s day. Mohini is regretting in front of Moloy that she did a big mistake because she thinks Komolika is a nice hearted person. Everything back to normal and Basu family get busy in the celebrations of Tapur Sangeet. In the next episode of Kasautii Zindagii Kay, we will watch that Anurag is going to purpose Prerna Again and Komolika come back in Basuvadi


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