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Sahil Family and Basu Family gathered together at BasuVadi where Prerna came downstairs and Anurag just gazing her and again her Saree fall stuck in Anurag’s watch they both recollect their old memories. Anurag told Prerna that you are jealous because of Anurag and Komolika are together when Prerna entered in the room of Anurag as she wanted to say something to Anurag. Anurag and Prerna both trying to making jealous each other. After Prerna said that she need Anurag and want his support. Komolika came and she watched that Prerna and Anurag are talking to each other that made her impatience.

In middle Mohini stops Komolika and said she wants to share the good news with her, Komolika tries to avoid her but she fails. Mohini says to Komolika that Moloy is going to well soon. They both are talking and suddenly a power cut and all try to get know what happened. Mohini decided to take guest on Terrace because there is dark in the room. Komolika there is thinking that Prerna is behind everything, Prerna is operating screen showing a graph and calls out Komolika behind the pillar. Later Anurag fools Sahil and tries to convince his family to gather in the living room.

Image Source: Hotstar

Prerna finds out about the scam that Komolika did with Basu shares and she wants to reveal the secret of Komolika in front of Basu family. Because she wanted to marry Anurag. Komolika breaks the graph CD but Prerna played another in which the entire evil secrets of Komolika are recorded. She also revealed the secret of Komolika about her planned the accident of Vikrant when he is coming to Prerna to disclose all the secrets about Prerna. Komolika late accepted all her misdeeds in front of all Basu Family. But Komolika is unaware about that entire family is watching the complete scenario. Mohini and Nivedita are completely shocked because they all are listening to the Komolika’s misdeeds and her evil plans. In the next episode, we will see that Anurag slaps Komolika.


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