Johnny Kingdom, a famous wildlife enthusiast died in a digger accident
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Television wildlife film-maker, Jonny Kingdom died at the age of 79 by a digger accident on his land. Johnny had appeared on the BBC and had specialized in his local area of Exmoor and North Devon was reported dead on the land by the emergency services near Wadham Cross in Knowstone, Devon, following the reports that were confirmed by the police that a digger rolled over him on Thursday night. After his death, his family mourned ad was reported saying that unfortunately, a legend has been lost and Johnny would be really happy if you continue supporting for Exmoors as you all meant so much to him.

Hilary Knight, who was his television agent, was reported saying that Johnny was one of the last true characters of rural Britain. He embodied all the attributes that are associated with true countrymen. Born and bred an Exmoor man through and through, he loved his Devon patch and all flora and fauna within. He was all over the television with full enthusiasm and passion.

Johnny basically worked as a farmer, quarryman, forestry worker, gravedigger, and a poacher before he became a film-maker when he has gifted a video camera after his tractor accident. He soon developed his passion for recording wildlife and became famous for his work and for taking pictures of stags and badgers. In the year 2006, BBC broadcast a 10-part series of Johnny’s life with the name the Johnny Kingdom: Life on Exmoor.

He was also famous for writing several books, wild life on Exmoor, for the series, that was later followed by Bambi and Me and then West Country Tales. Johnny taught to become a self-loving person and why everybody needs nature to live and how to enjoy it in the best possible way, as stated by Taylor-Jones, his friend.


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