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In December, an Israeli organization announced the launch of the first spacecraft for the moon of the Moon. It was expected to burn an emirate’s reputation with other global high tech ambitions.
Unmanned spacecraft, the size of the launch and the weight of 585 kg (1,300 lb) will land on the moon on February 13, 2019, if all go according to the plan, organizer SpaceiL told a news conference in Central Israeli Yehud.
The ship will be launched by American entrepreneur Alan Musk’s rocket from the SpaceX firm and its mission will involve research on the magnetic field of the Moon.
However, its first task will be to place an Israeli flag on the moon, the organizers said.
The project was launched as part of a $ 25 million ($ 25 million) initiative to encourage scientists and entrepreneurs in 2010 for a low-cost lunar module.

Young Israeli scientists Yarivi Bash, Kfir Damari and Yonatan Winetraub decided to join the fight.

Damari recalled, “We found a duct and we started to discuss it.”
All three formed Spaceil and partnered with the state-owned Israel Aerospace Industries, which they believed they could get the very small craft on the moon by 2013.
Damari said, “As soon as we went deep into the project and more people joined, we understood its complexity.”
Although Google ended in March without the award winner, the Israeli team promised to move forward.
A key person to hop on the project board was the Israeli billionaire Maurice Cannes born of South Africa, who introduced his project to Spaceill.
He said, “I thought it was a good idea,” and I asked him – ‘do you have any money?’ “
Kahn said, “He did not really think about the financial side,” he said that he gave him the initial grant of $ 100,000, which covered a project of 95 million US dollars in a growing support to the project. Gaya.
For Kahn, Israel will already have a “great achievement” – “America will give us a feeling of pride that we really need” – to keep the moon share with three global powers – the United States, Russia and China.

‘Backup plan’
IAi CEO Yossi Weiss said that instead of winning, there is not a way to prove technical skills, but it is urgently needed for mankind so that it can erase their resources faster.
Weiss said, “We should think about backup plans.” “Earth is getting smaller,” and in the end “humanity’s future is in space”. While the schematic landing of a small unmanned ship is a small step toward that end, yet it is “very important”, said twenty. On the Moon, the ship will transmit the data in the IAI Control Center two days before its system is closed.

Hopefully, the success of the mission will inspire scientific curiosity among Israeli youth.
Kahn said, “We are trying to replicate the Apollo effect in America,” referring to the American program, which first landed on the Moon in 1969.
“If we continue to be a start-up country, then we have to meet engineers.”
But before its launch, according to Damari, the pod and its project have shown great interest among the children. They said, “They say that children are excited by space, robots and dinosaurs. We have a robot spacecraft – it’s two of the three.”
“When you meet school children and tell them about the project, you can see the spark in their eyes. “Even if they deal with space but do not enter another scientific or engineering field, we have realized the vision.”

Damari shifted its project to the Israeli space industry, which focused on security related projects and launched the satellite for a long time.
“Since we started, you can see more start-ups and projects dealing with space in the civil aspect.”

A relatively lean Israeli project, which was not started or funded by the state, space-related projects can be understood and demonstrated, which can lead to more private initiatives.
“It is going to show the way to the rest of the world,” said Ofer Doran, chief of the Space Division of the IAI, “To send the spacecraft to the Moon at a reasonable cost.


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