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In the last episode of Ishqbaaz we saw that Shivaansh gets to know that Aani did not come out of the flight. Shivaansh gets so chilled out and everyone becomes scared. Shivaansh says that we will ask for ransom from the kidnappers. Aani comes and Shivaansh gets happy and hugs her. Dadi gets emotional to see them and then she says that they are my grandchildren. Flashback starts and Dadi thinks that how she came up with the ideas of their named. Aditi gets a call from Dharam and he says that you were handling the case of Shivaansh and you have the proof against Shivaansh. She thinks that she cannot tell them anything as she is not having any tough proof.

In Ishqbaaz 9th January 2019 written updates we will see that Shivaansh waits for the Aani and then she comes and everybody becomes so happy to see her. We will see that someone is coming to see Aani and Shivaansh gets scared and emotional that his sisters are going to be married and then he will be alone. Shivaansh thinks why he has so short life and he has to see the marriage of his sister Aani and make his brother settled. Shivaansh hugs Aani.

His assistants get a call and he sees the news that Aditi Deshmukh has revealed that the kidnapping of Shivaansh was planned by him. Dadi gets traumatized and the doctor comes to examine her. Shivaansh says that this news cannot come out and he asks his assistants to stop the news. Shivaansh goes to the home of Aditi and he becomes so angry. Shivaansh says that why you did this and because of you, my family is hurt and why you did so. Aditi says I have not leaked that news. For more updates of Ishqbaaz written episode, stay tuned with us.


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