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Ishqbaaz is the TV serial which comes on Star Plus and is very famous amongst the audience. In the earlier episode of Ishqbaaz, we saw that Shivaansh is out for his treatment and everybody asks where is he. Khanna was stressed as he knew that Shivaansh is in the hospital and he has to handle everyone. Then Aditi helps her aunt and her uncle who is in the hospital. Then she sells the ornaments of her mother. Then she becomes emotional. Shivaansh comes and the director says that please listen to the story. He says no as I do not want to do the romantic movies as I will be doing actions movies now.

In Ishqbaaz 4th January 2019 written updates, we will see that Shivaansh will go to the police station and asks if Aditi has come. Constables say that she has come. Shivaansh starts making fun of her and suddenly Aditi comes. Aditi asks him to calm down and not to do anything like this. Shivaansh brings tea and juice for her. She drinks tea. Aditi tells that she went to her informer and she got to know that something is going to happen in the Grand Hotel, so they need to go there. Constables say that we will surely go there.

Aditi is stressed and then Constable asks if he can go home before 12:00 pm as his wife has asked him to come home early before. Aditi asks for the passes of the party of the Grand Hotel but she gets to know that she cannot get the pass. Constable says that this party is booked and people are always so excited to go there and we will not get the pass. Shivaansh says I can help. Shivaansh calls someone and gets the passes of the Grand Hotel Party. We will see what will happen next in Ishqbaaz episode. Stay tuned for more updates.


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