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Ishqbaaz is the show which remained the favorite of many people. Varun sees Mannat and she was holding the same bag which in which Varun dropped the chip. He gets so tensed and thinks he has to take out the chip from the bag of Mannat. Shivani introduces her husband to Mannat. Mannat looks at Shivaansh and she feels something for him. She thinks that Shivaansh is so rude and he does not respect cute women. She goes around and noodles fall on Shivaansh. Shivaansh gets so angry and asks what is happening. Everyone comes there and laughs. Shivaansh asks why you do this always. Dadi says that he should stay quiet and everyone clicks the photo. PN again starts laughing.

In Ishqbaaz 29th January 2019 written episode we will see that Mannat is so scared but at the same time she is so in love with Shivaansh. Varun goes to the lobby and sees the bag. He takes out the things from the bag and suddenly his wife comes. She asks what are you doing. He sees his chip in on the phone and then Mannat comes there and takes away her phone. Varun becomes so tensed and thinks about the chip. Shivaansh calls Mannat and asks what is happening and show me your phone. He asks if she has taken any picture and he will delete it. Varun looks at the phone.

Mannat reaches home and then her phone falls down. Her sister reassembles the phone and copies the data from the chip to the phone. In the morning we see that the news comes of the photo of Shivaansh when noodles fell on him. He says that Mannat has sold this picture for her benefit. He says she is like this. Mannat says I have not done anything and I just threw the stone. Shivaansh says that you threw the stone at me. He becomes so angry. Shivaansh asks who leaked this photo. Shivani says that she has posted this on social media by mistake but then she deleted it. For more Ishqbaaz Written updates, stay tuned with us.


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