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Ishqbaaz has taken a leap and now Shivaansh has come who is the son of Shivay and Anika. In the last episode, we saw that Shivaansh has planned his own kidnapping and gained popularity. Aditi sees Shivaansh and gets no clue that he was kidnapped. Then Aditi goes to the vanity van of Shivaansh and she threatens the assistants of Shivaansh. She says that she wants Shivaansh in her office till 6 pm. Then Shivaansh says I will not go to the police station and let Aditi do anything.

Ishqbaaz 26th December 2018 written updates will involve the new plan of Shivaansh. A press conference happens and he plays a strategy that he says he will endorse the Police Department and this association will motivate others to help police in order to support the police. Media becomes happy and then asks how he got this idea. Shivaansh says credit goes to Aditi as she is still fighting to find my kidnappers. Everyone clicks a picture with him but Shivaansh says I want to take a photo with this police officer. Aditi goes there and clicks photo with Shivaansh.

Dadi talks and says that Shivaansh is like his father and he has a solution to every problem. Dadi says but this girl is not giving any attention to Shivaansh like Anika did not give to Shivay. Shivaansh’s plan is successful and he becomes so happy. Aditi goes to talk to her senior and says Shivaansh is a criminal and Shivaansh has done his kidnapping himself. She asks for a proof, Aditi says that I do not have proof. Shivaansh says you have kidnapped me. Aditi says do not think you are so charming and you are not a good human. Shivaansh makes fun of him. Aditi says she will expose him in front of everyone. For more updates of Ishqbaaz, stay tuned.



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