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In the earlier episode of Ishqbaaz, we saw that Aditi is trying to find out the truth behind the kidnapping of Shivaansh. Then Gaitonde asks what we are doing here if the case is finished. Then Aditi says the case is finished in their way but not mine. Shivaansh talks to his girlfriend Shonya. Shonya says that she was so worried about him and that’s why she came here to see him. Asiya and Khanna talks. She says she was not able to do any steps as she was so worried. Aditi on the other hand figures out that this was a publicity stunt and he kidnapped himself. Gaitonde becomes so shocked.

Ishqbaaz 25th December 2018 written updates we will see that Aditi is determined to reveal Shivansh. Sonya says that he has promised her that he will give an item song to her in his next movie. Shivaansh says that yes but I have not signed any film yet as I am enjoying the success of Dhinchak Ishq. Sonya starts saying that she has started to follow a special diet for that item song. Aditi asks SSO’s assistant that where is SSO. He gets scared and says he is not here. Aditi does not listen to him and goes inside. Then Shivansh gets to know that Aditi is coming. he thinks what she should do now.

Aditi goes in the shoot of SSO and she goes to the vanity van. She opens the door of vanity van and sees no one is here. She asks where is Mr. Oberoi. Aditi asks them to send Shivaansh to her police station otherwise she will tell everyone that Shivaansh is the mastermind behind his own kidnapping. Then they get scared and Aditi goes. Shivaansh comes out and asks what happened and why you are scared. They tell that she has asked you to come to the police station at 6:00 pm. We will see what will happen next as Shivaansh is so chilled out and he will not go to the police station. Stay tuned for more updates of Ishqbaaz


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