Ishqbaaz 26th November 2018 Episode Written Updates: Shivay Exposes Roop!
Image Source: News18 Hindi

Star Plus’ popular TV show Ishqbaaz is making headlines and creating buzz as a leap is going to hit the show soon. The show is a treat for all the drama lovers out there as there is so much drama going on in the show. It is one of the most loving show of Star Plus, a major twist in on its way to hit the show hard that will spice up things and will make it even more interesting.

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In Ishqbaaz 23rd November 2018 episode, when everyone in the house in busy in preparations for Shivay and Anika’s wedding ceremony Roop is making an evil plan against Shivay. Roop’s latest strategy becomes troublesome for Shivay as gets electric shock. We know, we are also shocked to know this bad news about Shivay. It seems like Shivay and Anika can’t have a moment of peace in their lives as problems never leave them alone. Roop is the culprit of electric shock incident as she intentionally leaves the electric wire in water. Competely unaware of Roop’s evil plan, Shivay walks by there and gets electric shock.

After seeing his brother getting electric shock, Rudra emerges as a saviour of Shivay, he takes unconscious Shivay to his room. The entire family gets tensed after the electric shock incident. But Shivay manage to survive and get conscious and this way Roop’s plan fails once again. It will be interesting to see will Roop will accept her failure. What she will do next? Will anyone get to know about that Roop is behind the electric shock incident? Will Roop make another evil plan again Shivay and Anika?

Apart from the written updates of Ishqbaaz, there is a big news for Anika’s fans (a role plays by Surbhi). She can say bye to the show anytime now. Stay tuned with us for more information and written updates.


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