Ishqbaaz 21st November 2018 Episode Written Updates: Haldi prank at function!
Image Source: Times Now

There is a lot of drama going on in Star Plus popular TV show, Ishqbaaz. Don’t miss the tonight’s episode of the show as it’s going to be very interesting. The latest episode revolved around a party thrown by Rudra. The colour of haldi leaves everyone shocked as it was of red in colour instead of yellow. The red haldi ruins the carpet to which Roop reacts. She said this could be a sign of omnious and starts blame herself for this. Shivay tells her that there is no need to worry about it as it was a prank.

In Ishqbaaz 21st November 2018 episode, Shivay tells Nani that there no need to spoil mood as it was a prank and there’s a haldi function at their home. Bhavya and Gauri brings another haldi for the function. Anika says to Shivay that they should finalize a date for wedding, Roop also agrees with her. In response Shivay says that they are already a married couple and that they are just going to marry again. Shivay rings Neha up to ask if Priyanka is with her.

Shivay reaches to Neha’s place to bring Priyanka back with him. Meanwhile, a cat enters in the house. Neha tells Shivay that Priyanka was completely drunk when she arrived at her home last night for which she apologizes to him. Neha tells Shivay that Priyanka has changed a lot as a person and that she’s not the same Priyanka they used to adore as she doesn’t obey anyone now. Neha also shows her concern about Priyanka’s stubbornness. Don’t know what made her like this, she adds. What Shivay will do after listening to Neha? How Priyanka will defend herself in front of Shivay? What Shivay will do next? For how long Shivay and Anika would wait to get married again? Stay tuned with us for more information and written updates.


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