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In the latest episode of Ishqbaaz, we will see that Aditi helps her chachi and then Dadi looks for Shivaansh and Khanna thinks that Shivaansh has gone to doctor and nobody should know about him, Khanna thinks that he has to save him. His Assistant asks where is Shivaansh from Khanna but Khanna thinks that he cannot tell anybody as he has promised Shivaansh. Dadi asks her daughter to get ready as the bride and asks where is Shivaansh. His assistant says that Shivaansh has gone somewhere and he will not be able to come in the pooja. Shivaansh talks to Khanna and he asks what doctor said.

In Ishqbaaz 03 January 2019 written updates, we will see that Dadi asks if there is some problem with Shivaansh. Khanna says he was not talking to Shivaansh. PN says we have to do pooja without Shivaansh. Khanna says we should do pooja as Shivaansh is having a cold. PN laughs. Aditi talks to someone and gets to know that his condition is not good and Aditi asks them to shift him to the private ward. Aditi’s sister says that why she is doing this as they do not have money. Aditi says we have money and you should not worry.

Aditi goes and takes out the gold earrings. She sells them and gives the fees of the doctor and then chachi thinks that she should make something for his husband and then she sees there is nothing in the fridge. She gets emotional and says we are like a burden on you and I am sorry that we are staying here. Aditi comes and brings grocery along with her. Her sister becomes concerned that from where she got so much money to buy all this stuff. For more updates of Ishqbaaz stay tuned with us


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