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The earlier episode of Ishqbaaz starts when Khanna cries and Shivaansh goes to him and asks what is happening. Shivaansh hugs him and asks him not to cry as if some girl sees him then what will happen. Shivaansh thinks that he does not have enough time to protect his sister and brother and why God has given him so less time and he cannot manage the things in this small time. Aditi tries to manipulate the situation and asks his officers that if they have found the file of his dad but she gets to know that there is no file of his father, she gets upset.

In Ishqbaaz 01 January 2019 written updates we will see that Aditi is asking Shivaansh to tell the truth otherwise she is going to tell the truth to the public. Shivaansh says she cannot do that and Aditi challenges him that she is going to expose him in 24 hours. Shivaansh says challenge accepted and you cannot do anything like this as I am Shivaansh Oberoi and you do not know my powers till now.

Shivaansh goes to the police officer and Aditi says that why he is here. Aditi’s senior asks Aditi to keep Shivaansh with her as he wants to see the daily routine of the police and senior asks her to do as she is saying. Commissioner asks Shivaansh to take care of him as his heart condition is not well. Shivaansh and Commissioner share a good bond and then Shivaansh goes with Aditi. Aditi gets the call of Chief minister and then she agrees for this. Aditi says you will regret staying with me for 24 hours. Shivaansh says he will not let her expose him and will disturb her for the whole day. For more updates of Ishqbaaz written episode stay tuned with us.


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