Indian Monsoons help hurricanes to move towards America
Image Source: Business Standard

In the recent study, it has mentioned that the strong monsoons that occur in the Indian ocean can easily induce the easterly winds which in place push the Atlantic Ocean hurricanes westward. This phenomenon is now increasing the likelihood of these storms which make the landfall in America.

The study about this has been published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters, which was found in the years where the summer rainstorms in India are stronger as well as Atlantic hurricanes which can able to move westwards that is towards the land.

It has been seen that sometimes when the rains are said to be not strong, the hurricanes are said to tend towards the northward and then it will fizzle out in the North Atlantic Ocean. As per the researchers, they said that this newly discovered relationship would help the scientists to get as well as can able to predict the path of the incoming hurricanes.

According to Patrick Kelly, who is from US Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, it said that the things that amaze one are how the rainfall near India which can drive important changes to Atlantic hurricanes which are half a world away. Kelly added by saying that this type of research is said to be the first to draw the connection which exists between the Atlantic hurricanes as well as Indian monsoon.

As per the study, it is said that for now the end of Indian monsoon is on September but in the future, it is possible that the precipitation may increase. As a result, the monsoon may continue until the end of the year. The climate is now getting continuing to warm, and for this monsoon, may plays an important role on the paths of the Atlantic hurricanes.

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