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The space program of India wants to go where no country gone early- On the south side of the Moon. And once it arrives there, it will study the ability to mining the source of mineral-free nuclear energy which can be worth millions of dollars.

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) will launch a rover in October to explore the unmapped area on the surface of the Moon and to analyze crystal samples for water and helium-3 signals.

ISRO Chairman Sivan said, “In countries where the Moon has the capacity to bring that source to Earth, they will direct the process.” I just do not want to be a part of them, I want them to lead. “

Mission will strengthen India’s position between Mars, the fleet of Mars and explorers moving forward for scientific, commercial or military benefits.

Rover landing is a step in an estimated series for ISRO in which a space station is inserted into the classroom and an Indian crew on the moon. The government has not yet set a deadline.

Mr. Shivan, an aeronautics engineer who joined ISRO in 1982, said, “We are ready and are waiting.” We have prepared ourselves to take this special program. “

China is the only country to impose a lander and rover on this moon in its centenary with its bounty 3 mission in 2013. The nation is planning to go back and look back at the end of this year at the end of the year.

President of United States of America, Donald Trump signed an instruction for the astronaut to return to the Moon, and in this fiscal year, NASA’s proposed $ 19 billion budget was launched to launch the Moon Orbiter by the 2020s.

The estimated budget of ISRO is less than 10% of that – about $ 1.7 billion – but the completion of work on cheap has been a hallmark of the agency since the 1960s. According to the Bloomberg Pe Index, the upcoming mission will be worth $ 125 million – or less than one-fourth of Snap Inc., less than compensation for Ivan Spiegel’s compensation, the highest for the publicly traded company executive.

This will not be India’s first moon mission. Chandrayaan-1 craft, launched in October 2008, was completed more than 3,400 orbits and pulled out an investigation that first discovered water molecules in the surface. However, the primary purpose is to find a deposit of helium-3. Solar winds have bombarded the Moon with a high amount of Helium-3 because it is not protected from magnetic fields like Earth. Space Agency of Europe said, “It is trustable  that the isotope can provide safe nuclear energy in a fusion reactor because it is not radioactive and will not produce hazardous waste products.”

Gerald Kulcinki, director of the Fusion Technology Institute at the University of Wisconsin-Madison said that the estimated 1 million metric tonnes of helium embedded in the moon is 3, although about a quarter of reality can be brought to Earth. Former members of the NASA Advisory Council.

There is still enough to meet the current energy demands of the world for at least two, and possibly five, centuries, Kalkinski said. They estimated the value of Helium-3 at around $ 5 billion per ton, which means that 250,000 tons will be valuable in trillion dollars.

To make sure, there are many obstacles to overcome before using the material – to build fusion power plants for distribution of logistics and distribution on the earth and converting the material into energy. Those costs will be considered as the stratosphere.

While running the Center for Resource Management in the Observer Research Foundation Think Tank in New Delhi, Lidia Powell said, “If India can be cracked, then India should be part of that effort.” If cost is understood, then it will become a game changer, there is no doubt in it. ”

Apart from this, the moon will not be easy to mine. Head of space material David Todd in Northampton, located in Strada, England, said that only the U.S. And Luxembourg has passed legislation to allow commercial entities to mined space. There is no international treaty on this issue.

Todd said, “After all, it will be like fishing in the international waters in the sea.” While a nation-state cannot keep international water, the fish once becomes the property of fishermen. “

Sharadul Amarchand Mangaldas & Company Law Firm, a partner based in Chennai, G.V. Anand Bhushan said that the government is reacting to the flow of commercial firms in the space by creating laws to control satellite launch, company registration and liability. There is no moon mining involved.

Yet the only astronaut in the country is not completely on the board, with the moon transforming into a business place.

Rakesh Sharma, who spent approximately eight days on the Russian spacecraft in 1984, said that Earth and private enterprises should work together to develop human colonies because the Earth is out of resources and such as asteroids Faced with potential disasters.

Mr. Sharma said, “You can not go to the moon and pull the boundaries.” I want India to show that we are capable of using space technology for the good of the people. “


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