If you inhale deodorant to get high, it can prove fatal for you
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As per the new reports from the doctors, it said that if you inhale a deodorant spray to get high, then it will affect your body and can prove fatal for you too. This reports came after a 19-year-old has died due to the inhaling of the deodorant as there is no other drug present out there. It has been said that the deodorant spray along with other things like paint thinner, hairspray and other things like this can be used as the inhalant abuse.

This type of activity is said to have happened among the teens, and it is said that they have got the disadvantaged backgrounds for the same. As per a report, it has been seen that about 125 teens die due to this every year in the USA. As per the authors, the inhalant abuse is said to be coming in three forms which are by inhaling that with the help of the clothing, sniffing or direct inhalation of that and inhaling with the help of the plastic bag or balloon.

The other things that are used for the abuses are aerosols, volatile solutions, and pressurized gasses. When it comes to the 19-year-old death case, it is said that 19 years old is being treated in the drug rehab clinic which is for Ketamine and cannabis abuse as well as relapse. To get bid high he has put a towel over his head, and after that, he has inhaled this spray from the deodorant.

After doing this, he has become hyperactive and then goes to the cardiac arrest. When taken to the hospital, he has given the basic life support then six rounds of shocking the heart, but all these things still failed to revive him and then he was induced to the coma. But after some time his condition did not improve. As a result, he died.

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