New research has revealed that science has found that there are dunes on the former planet and they are made of frozen methane. This new research which was published in the journal Science and it shows that the distant world is more dynamic than the previously thought about the planet.

When the astronomers have a closed look at the images which are sent by NASA spacecraft, they have spotted that the dunes which are formed in the planet are not sand dunes rather they are made of methane ice. As per them, the dunes cannot be formed themselves and they need some external force like air in order to form in the shape in which they are. When the New Horizon spacecraft has passed the Pluto, it clicks the image of the Pluto and the image was taken in the year 2015. The image which was observed by astronomers they have concluded that the features exist beside a mountain range.

According to the author of the study, Matt Telfer who is from the Plymouth University in the United Kingdom has given a statement to Gizmodo that the image that we have got from the New Horizons was about 12 pixels and it is across the whole dwarf planet. This image acts as a piece of evidence from which we can know about the dynamic, diverse and active geological surface.

This has shocked all the astronomers as the atmosphere of the Pluto was very thin and it is very difficult for the Pluto to create these type of structures there. The New Horizon Spacecraft has taken nearly a decade to reach to the Pluto and it is traveling at a speed of about 58,536 Km/hr. This new discovery has raised many questions about the presence of dunes on the former planet.

Ashwin Singh
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