ICC World Cup Tournament has been started from 30 May 2019. From then to now several matches have been played in between many teams. But there are also some matches whose end up by some decision that not justify completely. As in these some matches, the weather changes the situation and some of the matches abandoned even without bowling a bowl in the complete match. The weather is not in the favour anyone as its impacts on many matches till the tournament begin. Rain is interrupting tournament so badly that it also affects the performance of the teams.

Image Courtesy: Hindustan Times

Previous some matches that interrupted by the rain including The match of Pakistan against Sri-Lanka had been cancelled without playing a single ball because of weather. South Africa and West Indies match also come at the point where the match tied again the reason behind this is the weather. Bangladesh and Sri-Lanka match also abandoned without any action on the field. Now India and New-Zealand Match situation does not seem well because of the weather. According to the recent reports, the match has been delayed due to rainfall. Both the team’s Umpires and audience are not happy. As they are expected to see a blast action on the field. Because both the teams are strong and unbeaten still.

In previous days the practice session of team India had been cancelled due to heavy rain. On Tuesday also the practice cancelled due to relentless drizzle, the weather condition is not in the favour since Monday. However, it is preassumed about the bad weather of today and now again we meet to assumption and match has been delayed. Let’s see how many more matches will affect by the weather in this tournament. Stay tuned with us for more information and latest updates related to ICC World Cup 2019.


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