Humans, Wildlife

In a new study, it suggests that the humans have already destroyed about 85 percent of wild mammals of the planet. The destructive impact of the human population is known to all, but this new study has shown that how dangerously we are staying on the planet by destroying the wild mammals.

This new study which was the first comprehensive study of the weight of every class of living creature and was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The lead author of the study, Professor Ron Milo of the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel said, “I was shocked to find there wasn’t already a comprehensive, holistic estimate of all the different components of biomass. I would hope this gives people a perspective on the very dominant role that humanity now plays on Earth.”

Humans, Wildlife

Milo added by saying that he is now eating less meat as he comes to know about the huge impact that the livestock has on the environment. This study which was done shows that the farmed poultry makes up about 70 percent of all birds on the planet which means it is about 30 percent wild. The numbers for the mammals are more shocking which includes 60 percent livestock, 36 percent for humans and only 4 percent for wild. He said that in wildlife movies, we could see every kind of birds in a vast amount, but when they carried out analysis, they found there are more domesticated birds.

In the last 50 years, it is found that nearly half of the world’s animals have lost and as per scientist, they estimate that this is the beginning of the sixth mass extinction of the life in about Earth’s four-billion-year history. This was happened due to the farming, logging, and development which have destroyed the wildlife habitats to a very vast extension.

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