A new study shows that the activities of the human are changing the environment in a great way which is the main reason which causes cancer in the wild animals populations. Pollution in oceans, radiation that occurs from the power plants, pesticides from the plants are the reasons behind the occurrence of the wild animals which have developed tumours.

According to the Tuul Sepp, who is the postdoctoral researcher at the Arizona State University (ASU) in the US said, “We know that some viruses can cause cancer in humans by changing the environment that they live in — in their case, human cells — to make it more suitable for themselves. We are changing the environment to be more suitable for ourselves, while these changes are having a negative impact on many species on many different levels, including the probability of developing cancer.”

Human activity, animals, cancer

This study was published in the journal Nature Ecology and Evolution, in which it shows the human activities causes cancer in the animals. This is caused as we are trying to change the environment as per our need and these type of changes have a negative impact on many species which have many different levels which include cancer.

As per researchers, the activities include the release of chemicals in our oceans, waterways, and rivers, releasing of radiation to the atmosphere from the nuclear plants and accumulation of plastics in land and water bodies has given way for the rise in cancer in the animals. As per Mathieu Girardeau, who is the postdoctoral researcher at ASU said, “Cancer has been found in all species where scientists have looked for it, and human activities are known to influence cancer rate in humans strongly. This human impact on wild environments might strongly influence the prevalence of cancer in wild populations with additional consequences on ecosystem functioning.”

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