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The heatwave is turning cruel in Bihar, it was claimed till Sunday that because of the scorching heat more than 17 people have lost their life. Now it is said that the around more than 60 people in the district of Aurangabad, Gaya, and Nawada. These three districts claimed 44 casualties that reported Saturday midnight. According to the latest reports, it is 30 people reported dead till Saturday at 11 PM and 17 people on Sunday. Aurangabad has a higher death number with 30 people, in Gaya 20 people have died, and 11 people in Nawada.

Pratyaya Amrit who is an IAS officer in the state of Bihar said, “Postmortem reports in most cases have confirmed heatwave as the cause of death. We are keeping a close watch on the situation. We have also issued an advisory to all district magistrates.”

District Minister of Gaya also said a similar statement of Prataya Amrit, he said most of the death is because of the heatwave. It is acknowledged that the sufferer already confirmed dead when came to hospital or some lost their lives while operating at Anugrah Narayan Magadh Medical College and Hospital(ANMMCH). According to Abhishek Singh, now, it is come to know that around 14 people are under treatment influenced by the heatwave at the hospital.

It is also confirmed by Abhishek Singh to told in the newspaper that the total number of people affected by the heatwave and died in southwest Bihar is above 60. Four more doctors have sent to the ANMMCH to assist provide aid in the treatment of patients affected by the heatwave. The primary health center also instructed to keep 50% of bed free for the heatwave victims. The orders have passed to a health camp and primary health center to follow until the situation back to normal. Stay tuned with us for more information and latest updates.



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