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In Shamli a reporter has been beaten by the Uttar Pradesh Police. The reporter had been beaten by Police so cruelly that he lost his senses in the lockup. The name of the police officers that emerged out is Rakesh Kumar SHO of Government Railway Police(GRP) and constable Sanjay Pawar. However, both have been suspended after an immediate action by the supreme authority. It is come to know that Amit Sharma who is 24 years old journalist covering the derailment of a good train. The police officer snatched his camera and locked him up in GRP station and beat him unconscious.

According to the report, it is also said the police officer urinated in his mouth. It is also said by the police that SHO Rakesh Sharma had filed an official complaint and an FIR also had been registered. The UP police added  “We have come across a video where a journalist has been assaulted and put up in lock-up. DGP, Uttar Pradesh, O P Singh has ordered the immediate suspension of SHO Rakesh Kumar and constable Sanjay Pawar. Strict punishment shall be accorded to policemen misbehaving with citizens,”

According to the victim Amit Sharma he claimed that some of the media people gathered at the station to cover the derailment of some god trains in Dhimanpur around 9 PM. The police officer asked them to leave and also asked about their identity cards. After an argument, a Rakesh Sharma thwacks on his camera and started abusing him. After they will take him to the lockup and beat him brutally and also urinated in his mouth. Sharma said that the Police officer was exasperated on him due to some previous incidents.  As the reporter aired a report on 11 May of allowing vendor in the and train in exchange of a hefty cut. Vendors are not allowed in the train and have not permitted by the Railway authority.



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