Goa Weekly Lottery Results

Hello aspirants! Excited for today’s Goa Rajshree Dove Evening Lottery Result? Here we bring you the winning ticket numbers and results of today’s Rajshree Dove Evening lottery. The Goa State Lottery Department will unveil the lottery results at 8:00 PM on its official website @nicgoa.nic.in. You all are advised to match your ticket number with the winning ticket number to claim your winning prize. Price below Rs. 5000 can easily be connected from the lottery board or agent while beyond that one needs to get it in the bank from the Goa State Lottery Department.

The Goa Lottery Department provides a small PDF with all the winning number eclosed within with which you can match your ticket number of you can match your ticket number with all the seven winning numbers here at our website The News Recorder.

Rajshree Dove Evening Weekly Lottery

Lottery Name

Goa Lottery Rajshree Dove Weekly

Date of the Goa Lottery Rajshree Dove Result 2019

Thursday Night 26/09/2019

Time of the Goa State Rajshree Lottery Dove Results

Today At 08.00 P.M

Location of the Lottery



To be announced

1st Winner To be announced


India Lottery Today Result Live


The state lottery board is serving a price of Rs. 26.06 lac to the first winner followed by Rs. 7,000 to the second price winner and Rs. 1,000 as the consolation prize as well. Aspirants can check their luck by purchasing multiple tickets which costs just Rs. 6 each. The more tickets you have the more you have a change of winning.

Goa Dear Loving Morning Results:

First Prize Winner:

Price: Rs. 20 lacs
Winner: updating…

Second Prize Winner:

Price: Rs. 8,000
Winner: updating…

Third Prize Winner:

Price: Rs. 400
Winner: updating…

Fourth Prize Winner:

Price: Rs. 200
Winner: updating…

Fifth Prize Winner:

Price: Rs. 100
Winner: updating…

Consolation Prize Winner:

Price: Rs. 1,000
Winner: updating…

Goa Evening Lottery Names

  1. Goa Monday Evening Lottery: Rajshree Tulip Evening (Prize: Rs. 26 lakh)
  2. Goa Tuesday Evening Lottery: Rajshree Tiger Evening (Prize: Rs. 26 lakh)
  3. Goa Wednesday Evening Lottery: Rajshree Camel Evening (Prize: Rs. 26 lakh)
  4. Goa Thursday Evening Lottery: Rajshree Dove (Prize: Rs. 26 lakh)
  5. Goa Friday Evening Lottery: Rajshree Jaguar Evening (Prize: Rs. 26 lakh)
  6. Goa Saturday Evening Lottery: Rajshree Horse Evening (Prize: Rs. 26 lakh)
  7. Goa Sunday Evening Lottery: Rajshree Oyster Evening (Prize: Rs. 26 lakh)

The winners are advised to match their ticket number with the winning ticket numbers mentioned above. If you’ll find any kind of difficulties, you’re free to connect us using the comment section provided below. Stay tuned for more updates. Keep playing keep winning Goa Lotto.

Barkha Rawat is the lead author on The News Recorder for the section of Finance & Business. Barkha belongs from a commerce background and has worked for various print media brands like Amar Ujala and more. Barkha intends to seek more and more knowledge of Indian financial and economical updates.


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