Goa State Lottery Result 8PM Today: Goa Rajshree Evening Lottery Result Of 14.9.2019

Hello everyone, today we hope that your lottery ticket will get emerged in today’s Goa Rajshree Evening Lottery Result of 15 September 2019. So many people have taken participation in today’s lottery as there are so many benefits of taking participation out many one of the best benefits is it helps people in getting rich in a day and to fulfill their dreams and desires without doing any extra hard work. The Goa State Lottery Result will be going to declare at 8 PM and, full lottery result will publish at 8:30 PM. So, the first on the scene could go and check the results @NICGOA. Finally, the most exciting moment is been arriving.

Goa Results

Thousands of thousands of people have been engaging in the Goa Rajshree Evening lottery. For that bulky participation, the Goa State Lottery Department has 6 kitty prize values. The prize winners will be awarded cash prize values by the honorable Directorate of the Goa Rajshree Lottery Department.

Goa Lottery Result Today

Today’s Rajshree Lottery first prize winner will be awarded the goody prize money of ₹26.05 lacs. So, I guess this was all about the facts & figures which you were required to be aware of. Now, we can move towards today’s Goa Rajshree Evening Results. As usual, we’ll be beginning the declaration of the results from the last one and end it to uncovering the first-one. Let’s go!

Rajshree Result Today At 8 PM

The Goa Rajshree Weekly lottery is considered as one of the biggest cash flow of the state and supporting huge prize money of Rs. 20 Lakhs for the first winner. The consolation prize of the lottery is of Rs. 1,000. The second and third winner will get money prize of Rs. 8,000 and Rs. 400. The fourth and fifth winner of Goa Evening Lottery will be going to receive Rs. 200 and Rs. 110 respectively. Check the Goa Rajshree Evening Weekly Lottery Result of 15 September 2019 below:


First Prize: Rs. 20.03 Lakhs


Consolation Prize: Rs 1,000/-


Second Prize: Rs. 8,000/-


Third Prize: Rs. 400/-


Fourth Prize: Rs. 200/-


Goa Rajshree Evening Lottery Result 15 September 2019, will be announced at 8 PM and complete result at 8:30 PM. Stay tuned with us for more information and latest updates related to Goa Rajshree Evening Lottery Result.


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