Goa State Rajshree Rose Lottery Result 23-9-2019 Sambad 11:55 AM Today
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Good Morning everyone! Welcome back to yet another update over the Goa Lotteries. Here’s the update of today’s Goa Morning Lottery Result. The Goa State Government is one of the 13 states which allowed State Lotto. The Goa Lottery Board used to conduct 3 lotteries per day and all seven days a week. The lottery is an opportunity for one to turn up his/her life. The Monday Lottery in the lost of Goa State Lotteries is called as Rajshree Rose Lottery. Today’s Rajshree Rose Lottery Result will get updates here at 11:55 AM as soon as the official website will reflect the result.

People who participated in the lottery and paid for a ticket can match your number in the official winning numbers list we’re serving here. The lottery department of Goa serves 6 bumper prizes for the daily lotteries which are as high as Rs. 25.01 lac for the first prize winner and Rs. 100 for the six prize winner. The lottery system of Goa regulates a vivid area of population and hence more than hundreds of lacs of people use to participate in that.

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The average costing of a Lotto ticket is Rs. 6 which seems to be amazing to invest. One can avail thousands of bucks just with the investment of Rs. 6. One can either purchase the ticket from the lottery counter or can also purchase the ticket from online mediums.

Today’s Nagaland Dear Morning Lottery Results will get disclosed at 11:55 AM at the official sites of the Nagaland Lotteries and will also be updated here instantly. As per an estimate around 108 lacs of lottery tickets are getting sold every day in Nagaland which reflects the reason behind a huge population of Nagaland rushing towards Lotto every day.

Nagaland Dear Loving Morning Results:

First Prize Winner:

Price: Rs. 20 lacs
Winner: updating…

Second Prize Winner:

Price: Rs. 8,000
Winner: updating…

Third Prize Winner:

Price: Rs. 400
Winner: updating…

Fourth Prize Winner:

Price: Rs. 200
Winner: updating…

Fifth Prize Winner:

Price: Rs. 100
Winner: updating…

Consolation Prize Winner:

Price: Rs. 1,000
Winner: updating…

Your eager for the result of Nagaland Lottery Result is highly immersive and your patience is highly appreciated. Once the site will declare the result we’ll update it here on our website instantly. So stay tuned with us for each segment of result update. Keep participating in lotteries and just drop a comment below for any kind of queries.

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