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Aspirants get ready to become wealthy as you are going to win massive prize money within a few moments. The results for Rajshree Jaguar Weekly Lottery is going to be announced at 8:00 PM and you can check the complete results at 8:30 PM. The lottery is offering you a whopping prize of Rs. 26 Lakhs for the first winner. Many other exciting and bumper prize is also offering by the lottery scheme to the other winners. The lottery is giving exciting prizes to the first five winners. There is also a consolation prize for the aspirants of Rs. 1,000.

Goa Lottery emerged out as one the biggest cash flow of the state in which many people take part and win huge prize money that gives them an opulent and secured lifestyle. Goa government organizes these lottery schemes for people benefit, many people of the state win in several lotteries and become wealthy. The Goa lottery is also a helping hand for the state government as it helps to collect state revenue by that government improves the facilities in orphanage, old age home, and special children school.

Check out the Goa Rajshree Jaguar Weekly Results for 17 May 2019, with the winning amount below.

First Prize: 25 Lakhs

Consolation Prize: Rs 1,000/-

Second Prize: Rs 9,000/-

Third Prize: Rs 500/-

Fourth Prize: Rs. 250/-

Fifth Prize: Rs. 120/-

Note: The Goa Lottery Rajshree Jaguar Weekly Results will be announced at 8:00 PM and you can check the complete result at 8:30 PM. Please refresh this website to check the complete results. Stay tuned with us for more information and latest updated results related to Goa lotteries.


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